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Blockchain engineers specialize in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations by utilizing a unique type of technology. Blockchain technology allows information to be distributed and shared publicly via the Internet without being copied. The information is not stored in a central location. Blockchain engineers may work for data services firms and technology consulting firms. They usually work full-time in an office environment. These engineers must be able to analyze an organization's technological needs and create applications to meet those needs. Job responsibilities may include developing and implementing items like accelerators and assets, assisting with an organization's infrastructure setups utilizing technologies like Ethereum, and ensuring applications are secure.

Blockchain engineers may analyze code artifacts and provide training to junior personnel. These engineers may also be responsible for determining application release dates and monitoring the implementation to ensure projects are completed on time. Blockchain engineers could create the document infrastructure for an organization's application and implement methods to ensure backend functionality. These engineers could also collaborate with information technology colleagues to guarantee streamlined implementation of applications.

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Individuals will need a bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or engineering to work as blockchain engineer, with some employers preferring a master's degree. A strong background in distributed database experience and single sign-on (SSO) security experience will be beneficial. Interested individuals can seek membership in an industry organization like the IEEE Blockchain Community. The community allows members to stay current on the latest blockchain developments and offers them access to networking and training opportunities.


Excellent technical abilities are the most essential asset for blockchain engineers, as they are responsible for creating online solutions. Relevant technical skills and experience may include the following: programming languages like Java and Python; crypto currencies like Bitcoin; Oracle Identity; and, access management solutions. Blockchain engineers should have effective analytical abilities in order to evaluate an organization's needs and implement solutions. These engineers should also have strong attention to detail, as they often work with multiple system components at once.

>> STATISTICS  BY  (*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics):-

Educational RequirementsBachelor's degree
Job SkillsExcellent technical abilities, effective analytical skills, and strong attention to detail
Median Salary (2016)*$106,680 (Software Developers, Systems Software)
Job Outlook (2016-2026)*11% (Software Developers, Systems Software)

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