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An Introduction to AIRNFTS (AIRT):-

AIRNFTS is the NFT Marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain focusing highly on user experience and ease of use to Create, Buy, Sell and use NFTs.

Features and Amazing things about AirNFTs (AIRT):-

● Listed on leading Cryptocurrency Platforms

The AIRT token has been successfully listed on leading cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, PancakeSwap etc and is loved by the DappRadar, Dapp and Binance community as well.

● Recognized by Binance Smart Chain MVB 2 Program

The AIRT token has been even recognized by the Official Binance Smart Chain Twitter Handle in their MVB 2 (Most Valuable Builder 2) Program in the list of "TOP 20 NFT Projects".

● Enormous Social Media Presence

The AIRT team has a strong presence on various leading social media platforms such as:-

 Twitter:- https://twitter.com/airnfts

 Instagram:- https://instagram.com/airnfts

 Telegram:- https://t.me/airnfts

 Mail ID:- info@airnfts.com

● NFT LaunchPad

The best thing about this NFT LaunchPad is, it will be helpful for new artists who don't have much following. This NFT LaunchPad will give them exposure.

● AIRT Farming and Royalties

You can earn AIRT Token for buying and selling NFTs. You can also use royalties for secondary sales. Also creating NFTs is easier for beginners, just one click and your NFT is ready. You can set a price and start earning, the auction function will come next too.

● Massive Upcoming Plans or Roadmap

The AirNFTs team has massive upcoming plans which are mentioned in their roadmap. Some of them are:-

Achievement in the first 2 months

  • 1st position on BSC market places chart (Source)
  • Top 5 position between all protocols (DappRadar)
  • 780,000 users have visited the marketplace since its inception in mid-April
  • 92,000 NFT transactions have happened on the platform (Source)
  • 78,000 NFTs minted on the platform (Source)
  • 24,000 active trading accounts (Source)

● Built the First Native Multi-Chain NFT Platform compatible with Polygon, Avalanche, Heco, Ethereum 2.0 etc

● Shopify for NFT MarketPlaces and NFT LaunchPad FundRaising

● NFT Lottery Gamification, Fiat on-ramp integration & Exchange NFTs for other NFTs and Cryptos

● Governance and Contract V2 Improvements

Love this article? Want to know more about AirNFTs (AIRT), Checkout https://www.airnfts.com

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