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The process of collecting and organizing data in the best way is known as Data Structures. Here the operations on data are performed in an efficient way. Its functionality supports a specific purpose of accessing and performing operations in a given appropriate way.

data structures and their importance

There are mainly two types of data structure:-

Primitive Data Structures.
Abstract Data Structure

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Primitive Data Structures:-  Integer, boolean, float, long, char, etc. are known as primitive data types. Primitive Data Structures is the concept or technique of handling these types of primitive data types in an efficient way.

Abstract Data Structure:-  In programming and businesses, we also have to use data types such as stack, linked list, graph, queue, tree, etc. These kinds of data types are known as complex data types. Abstract Data Structure is the technique or concept of handling the connected, complex, and a large amount of data in an efficient way.

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What is the need of Data structures in today’s world of technology?

There are different types of data structures where each of them is meant for some special task.

Data structures have gained importance for the following reasons:-

1. In software design, Data structures are known to be major factors for the collection, storing, and organizing of data rather than algorithms in some programming languages.

2. In almost every software system and program, Data structures are often included nowadays.

3. Often Data structures are used in the combination of algorithms. This allows the management of large amounts of data in an efficient way.

4. It is highly being used in the field of computer science and businesses.

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