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An Introduction to HoneyFarm Layer 2 - HoneyBear:-

HoneyFarm Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics of a maximum supply.

Features and Amazing things about HoneyFarm Platform:-

● Introducing HoneyBear - 2nd Layer of HoneyFarm Finance


 GreedyBear (Deposit Fee): will be used for burns, advertising and development fees.
 AngryBear (Withdraw Fee): will be charged to encourage longer farming.
 Layered Farming: ensures continuous profit for native token holders.
 Honey Keeper Protocol: Fixed-Price random buy-back program to incentivize holders.
 Royal Jelly: Deposit HONEY and BEAR to get some royal jellies.
 Working Bee: Auto Compounding Vaults for native token farms.

● Huge Social Media Presence

The HoneyFarm Finance team has a strong presence on leading social media platforms such as:-

Website: https://honeyfarm.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HoneyFarmFi

Medium: https://medium.com/@honeyfarmchef

Global Telegram Annoucements: https://t.me/HoneyFarmAnn

Global Telegram Chat: https://t.me/HoneyFarmChat

Github: https://github.com/HoneyFarmFi/HoneyFarmContracts

● Security Contract Audit and KYC Verified

As per HoneyFarm Finance website, its smart contract security check has been performed by one of the leading contract audit firm "Solidity Finance" and it's KYC verification has been reviewed by "RugDoc" which is a pretty amazing thing.

Delegated Farming Burning Mechanism

Earned yields from delegated farming will be used for BEAR buyback and burn.

● Massive Upcoming Plans or Roadmap

The HoneyFarm Finance team has huge upcoming plans mentioned in their Docs. Some of them are:-

 Aggressive Marketing on Poocoin, BSCDaily, Crypto Monkey and RugDoc etc

 KYC and Review by RugDoc

 Partnership with Pacoca, ApeBoard and Beefy Vaults

 Listing on leading Crypto platforms such as dAppRadar, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, ApeBoard, Pacoca, TrustWallet and PancakeSwap etc

 Voting Platforms such as DefiYield App, CoinSniper, CoinMooner, CoinHunt and CoinVote etc

 Royal Jelly Launch

 Working Bee Launch

 And a Lot More...

Love this article? Want to know more about HoneyFarm Project, Checkout at https://bear.honeyfarm.finance

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