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An Introduction to MarketMove Project:-

The MarketMove app is a one-stop solution on BSC. It leverages AI to let you find new promising tokens, profoundly audit already existing ones (or presales), and sell them by placing limit or stop-loss orders on PancakeSwap and other exchanges, Thus making the whole investment process more seamless on BSC Network.

Features and Amazing things about MarketMove:-


Discover new gems by combining data from the BSC Blockchain with token's social media presence, scraped every 30 seconds.

Contract and Presale Audits

Using AI (BERT, GPT-3) to scan contracts for potential risk factors, which could result in a rug pull or honeypot.

● Limit and Stop-Loss Orders

Automatically activates a limit and stop-loss order, if the price fluctuates too much, paired with volume and number of sellers.

Social Media Tracker and Whale Watcher

Never get the pump and dump again, as this AI tracks the whale's activities for your favourite tokens and alert you if they do suspicious activities.


MarketMove will be connected with PancakeSwap and other external exchanges to serve as a bridge. Also, it will help you to choose a platform with the best exchange rate and swap your tokens there.

● Massive Upcoming Plans or Roadmap

The MarketMove team has massive upcoming plans which are mentioned in their roadmap. Some of them are:-

 Initial Development of MarketMove AI-Driven app

 App Video Demonstration

 Apply for CMC and CoinGecko Listing

 Influencer Marketing Push

 Financial Times Interview

 Introduce Staking and New App Features

 MarketMove 2.0 Launch

 Expansion of the App to other networks such as Cardano, ETH, Polygon and KuCoin etc.

 And a Lot More......

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