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An Introduction to SKIPT:-

SKIPT is part one of an epic five-part saga, and the world's first-ever comic book with NFT content!
Written by Florian Pfeiffer, SKIPT is drawn by the experienced artist Don Mark Noceda (Upperdeck - Marvel) with colors by Bryan Arfel Magnaye.

Amazing info about the World's First-Ever Comic Book:-

SKIPT tells the action-packed story of a group of outcasts that tries to survive at the fringe of society and upsets the fragile power balance in place, making them hunted. 

In a future, where privatization has reached its peak, everything is owned by a syndicate of five mega-corporations. While trying to make a living and run from past sins, the gang creates a substance that threatens, the decades-old power balance.

Hunted by the most powerful entities to be, the gang has to find a way not only to Survive but to Take Over!!!

About the Author:-

Meet Florian Pfeiffer, the writer, creator and project manager of SKIPT. He is a 29-year-old comic book writer and enthusiast from Switzerland. SKIPT is his first project and he is eager to prove himself and the skills of his team. He and his team has dedicated their efforts and with the support of experienced players in the field of printing, distribution and NFT preparation technology, He is proud to introduce the World's first-ever NFT comic book.

Follow the gang of SKIPT on an action-packed journey through a dark world full of intrigues and blurry lines. and see them face life-changing challenges on their way to freedom and wealth!

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