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                                  Gain Protocol Announces Massive Growth and Exciting Changes to the Project

The team behind Gain Protocol is developing some stellar additions to the already amazing set of protocols and features — all to bring in more users and increase holder gains.

If you've been following Gain Protocol, you’re already aware of the massive growth in market capitalization, price and user base for the project since the launch in July. Strengthening the platform's commitment to the community, the team is ready to announce some amazing changes to Gain Protocol that will excite new users and long-term holders alike. As the project grows, get ready to hear more and more about what the development team is doing to bolster project security, price stability and holder rewards.

The first major addition to Gain Protocol is the Affiliates Program. This exclusive feature of the Gain protocol is already turning heads in the DeFi space with its revolutionary approach to project growth and holder engagement. At its core, the program works quite simply. All holders need to do to be a part of the program is to generate a unique affiliate link through the official website GainProtocol.com

From here, it's all a matter of spreading the word about the project. Once a referral purchases GAIN, the linked affiliate gets 1% of the purchase as commission. Since you purchase GAIN with BNB, all commission payouts will be in BNB. The smart contract system handles all the payouts, so everything is automatic, and holders don’t have to lift a finger to see their wallets grow. 

In addition to the commission, affiliates have a chance to score a massive payout through the exclusive affiliates only drawing. This drawing is separate from the original sweepstakes pool and fills with 0.5% of referral purchases. Again, since referrals purchase GAIN with BNB, the affiliates’ sweepstakes will also payout in BNB. For every token, a referral purchase, the linked affiliate gets one entry into the drawing. The more volume you produce on the platform, the higher your chances of winning — and your commission grows too! 

To keep affiliates motivated and growing the platform, only referral purchases made after the last drawing are eligible for the next drawing. Currently, affiliate drawings will happen weekly with other sweepstakes drawings. But the team hopes, as the project grows, this will happen daily.

The next exciting addition to the platform would be the token locking system. The team behind the project has been listening to holder suggestions and has come up with a way to further reward the most loyal GAIN holders. With Gain Protocol’s token locking system, holders can lock 25%-100% of their GAIN at a time for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days. Holders who lock down their GAIN on the platform get entered into the Believers sweepstakes. Only holders with at least one GAIN in locking have a chance to score the massive payout — which is 20% of the entire sweepstakes pool.

But token locking is more than just massive payouts for holders; it also plays an essential role in keeping the price of the GAIN stable. While other projects lock tokens to keep things safe, they do so without the holders having a choice. The team at Gain Protocol wants their holders to know that the point of token locking isn’t to limit trading — that’s why everything is voluntary. Once the locking period is over, holders have full control over their GAIN.

Last, but certainly not least, is the newest addition to the Gain Protocol marketing team. The project's fresh marketing leader has come onto the scene with a massive amount of experience working with athletes and big names in the NBA and NFL. As the project grows, get ready to hear about exciting partnerships with huge names across many different industries. While the team has already made great progress connecting and making strategic partnerships, the future has never looked brighter for Gain Protocol.

For more information regarding feature changes and to keep up to date with project news, join the project Telegram channel and Twitter for announcements.

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