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Journey and everything about Dogs United:-


Dogs United was developed to prevent pump and dump events and to save potential scam victims before they get caught.
They are the first Crypto launching on any blockchain to compensate scam victims of a DUT clone contract with official DUT tokens breaking history."

⁃ No pre-sale 
⁃ No private sale 
⁃ 1 Trillion total supply  
⁃ 90-day Team Wallet Hold 
⁃ 5% (50B) of supply is allocated to the team  
⁃ 14 founders equally shared at launch and locked 3.57B. 
⁃ team doxxing before launch 
⁃ Liquidity pool locked for 10 years
6th August 2021 launch, London, United Kingdom
Dogs United is a community-focused, fully decentralized ecosystem, powered by the utility token $DUT - Dogs United Token. Where NFT driven Games comes to fulfill the DOG meme space through partnerships and future Tokens.
"We were driven together by experience, bad ones we have had, projects which were rugged, and we decided as a team to try and create something the general public could believe in a safe haven for all".
The most valuable element of Dogs United is our community, community leaders will be elected, teams will be aligned with the community dependant on skill base, with open discussions, transparent updates, and community voting.
The Token is available through Pancake Swap on the Binance Smart Chain, the launch date of 6th August caught the attention of many through their kindness. There has been a 1 trillion token supply with a 60% burn before launch as decided by community vote results. 30% was delivered to liquidity pool and locked for 10 years and the contract will be renounced as soon as possible after launch.

They are currently in the development stage of a real-world case utility to use efficiency methods and trading/investment styles for day-to-day asset management. It is known as the ‘Kennel’ Dashboard.  
The kennel was designed out of their understanding of how Private IPO’s happen in PLCs and LTD’s with boards and the like, an exhausting repeat of different sites or apps for different needs being supplied. 

The kennel allows the following:-

⁃ Wallet price reflection
⁃ Compound rewards calculations
⁃ Chart updates
⁃ Rewards updates
⁃ Links to Poocoin, BSc scan, dex tools, pancake swap, etc.
BUT - and here it is the ‘Zeus factor’.

If your wallet value is above $3,000 it allows you to present them for private sale. This private sale allows no tax effects for the seller. But more importantly, the buyer gets 100% also. For the community as a whole, they have no chart effects so the dip that would come from a big sale - well it doesn’t exist. 

All of us at D.U.T have experienced what we all fear and we want to rise the BSC marketplace to a new era of trust and stability becoming one of the first successful meme tokens to launch with a major utility. This is why we are creating a movement #ProtectTheRugged. The ‘foundership’ are based globally, have separate skills from each other, and have become a powerhouse to watch. We have plans in development which are to be announced later in the quarter which will enable the sale of whale wallets without tax effects and chart reflection similar to a ‘Pre-initial Public offering (IPO)’ in a PLC or OTC, we are creating unique ways to help the community feel safe with their investment, protect chart fluctuation variables outside of the norm and a 3-5 year business plan which will enable a long and prosperous future for all that join us on Dogs United Token’s launchpad token $DUT

WE have all had struggles we are here to do well and to prove our worth in such a dirty space, we have pulled up issues in contracts and received major FUD from it, we have also had positives like a 90.3 score from Rug seekers who were brought in by an influencer to check us out before they aped in.  
On launch we had an issue with locking the liquidity and many failed to trust us, even though we had all doxxed ourselves on video, they thought we were a scam but it was a glitch in uniswap not allowing us the 10-year lock so we had to move to dx to lock. 6/7 minutes of no lock can be painful but we are here still. Our ATH was 5117 which we will cross again soon.  
We are from many backgrounds, design teams, gaming teams, technically supportive backgrounds, business management, and sales backgrounds, legal backgrounds, the experience of FCA compliance applications, experience in business development, high-level management, the list goes on.  
The NFT and gaming are common knowledge we have publicly advertised them and people are using them now, the Kennel Dashboard with built-in OTC has been seen and is in the final phase before Beta testing can commence. 
However we have so much more to come we are looking into how to further educate new and experienced investors into flags, contract reading, etc, protect your investments from hashing, and much more will come, but with development comes the greatest cost is not a currency but time. We don't want to launch something and it fails.  
We are here now 13 of us, fighting the good fight and would love anyone to come and help #ProtectTheRugged
Name of Press Contact: Eric
Email: eric@dogsunitedtoken.com
Website: www.dogsunitedtoken.com

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