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It may seem hard to find a crypto project that truly stands out. However, one particular token is notable for its community-driven approach. LUNACHOW is perhaps one of the purest plays when it comes to a decentralized currency that puts the average holder in control instead of the project instead of the select few. Here’s a look at five reasons why you should take a closer look at LunaChow.

1). 100% community-driven 

LunaChow’s core values are transparency, collaboration and commitment. This is one of the few tokens that have been built by the masses for the masses. In fact, you can think of LunaChow as being a more perfect version of Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Shiba token. With LunaChow, you have a token that will always remain in the hands of the community. 

2). Aggressive burn structure

One of the biggest problems with fiat currencies and some cryptocurrencies is their inflationary design. That is not the case with LunaChow. In fact, this token is engineered to provide token holders with a single burn event that will eliminate 99.9% of the tokens. This potentially creates incredible value and integrity for all LunaChow token holders.

3). No team allocation

One of the biggest gripes from many token launches is team allocation. Since LunaChow is 100% community-driven, there is no team. That means that every person who holds LunaChow will be on an equal level. In a world where it seems like most of the wealth lands into the hands of the few, LunaChow truly levels the playing field.

4). Truly decentralized

LunaChow is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. As the world’s largest decentralized smart contract ecosystem, the Ethereum network provides the stability, integrity and true decentralization that you will want in a token. The Ethereum network also allows for true collaboration that will support continued innovation for the LunaChow token.

5). Charity drive for underprivileged kids around the world

LunaChow seeks to do the good deed as an ERC-20 token. That’s why this project is creating a charity drive to help underprivileged children around the world. As the LunaChow project continues to grow, it will do more to help those who can benefit the most from the project’s success.

Getting started with LunaChow

LunaChow is now available on Uniswap. That means that you can start purchasing and trading LunaChow today. Here’s how you can begin to participate in the LunaChow project:-

1. Download and install a Trust Wallet or Metamask wallet

2. Add Ethereum to your wallet

3. Navigate your browser to Uniswap

4. Connect your wallet 

5. Select slippage setting to 12% to 13%

6. Finalize your sale

Creating a truly decentralized and independent financial solution 

LunaChow has been designed to be a token for the community instead of the select few. This unique and fair structure gives LunaChow what many people seek in a cryptocurrency token. In a world of financial uncertainty, LunaChow is engineered to solve the future of money.






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