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An Introduction to Coin Fast Alert (CFA) Token and it's Ecosystem:-

Coin Fast Alert (CFA) is a digital marketing platform that is currently focused on taking businesses to the next level with their digital marketing services and products such as Upvotes and Trending Social Media Services. CFA is the official payment token for all the services on their platform. On the way forward, CFA Token will also develop several interesting projects and applications for CFA.

Features and Amazing things about Coin Fast Alert:-

● Listed on leading Cryptocurrency Platforms
Coin Fast Alert (CFA) Token has been successfully listed on leading cryptocurrency platforms such as CoinHunt, CoinSniper, FreshCoin, CoinAlpha, Math Wallet, PooCoin and CoinGecko etc.

● Enormous Social Media Presence
CFA Team has a strong presence on various leading social media platforms such as:-
 Telegram:- https://t.me/CoinFastest
 Services:- https://coinfastalert.com

● Upvotes Services
CFA Team will help you to get your token trending on all major cryptocurrency listing websites and platforms such as Blockfolio, CoinDiscovery, CoinHunters, CoinMooner, CNToken and many more etc. This will help in building a positive sentiment and eventually organic growth of your token.

● Social Media Services
CFA Team also offers social media services to increase the growth of your social media accounts to make them look more trusted. Because having a significant number of followers helps you to grow your business bigger and get a better reach over your competitors.

● Smart Contract Development
CFA Team offers experienced smart contract developers who can write your token's smart contract from scratch and implement all the features you need, whether it's a Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) or the Ethereum Network (ERC20).

● Tokenomics and Allocation
Coin Fast Alert (CFA) Token has the following:-
● Name: Coin Fast Alert
● Symbol: CFA
● Standard: BEP20/ERC20
● Total Supply: 100,000,000
● Liquidity: 0.0274%
● Token Vesting: 0.0380%
● Total Burn: 99.7%

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