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The Meta Phoenix Protocol Ecosystem is designed to be an all-in-one utility project for all the Gaming and Defi needs. The Ecosystem has unique Play 2 Earn Games, NFT Marketplace a supportive community, and a lot more. The Team at Meta Phoenix Protocol has highly experienced developers in Gaming, Blockchain, Defi etc from all around the globe.

Features and Amazing things about Meta Phoenix Protocol:-

● Enormous Social Media Presence
Meta Phoenix Team has a strong presence on various leading social media platforms such as:-
 Telegram:- https://t.me/ppdefi

● Metaverse Games
At the time of writing this article, Meta Phoenix Team has two games in development and will be ready for beta testing at the end of Quarter 1. The first game is Clash of Meta which is a Clash of Clan style game with P2E and NFT. And the second one is the Land of Realm which is inspired by the Metaverse Virtual Real Estate. You can find more information about them from the below videos.

● Swap-Fire Swap
The Fire Swap will allow trading of Defi assets on Multichain including Bsc, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, Ethereum etc. This feature will enable the meta phoenix community to do their daily trading on one platform.

● NFT Marketplace
Meta Phoenix Team aims to develop an NFT Marketplace with low fees on multichain, This will enable the NFT Artists to get more exposure to their creations.

● Phoenix Launch Pad and Blockchain
Meta Phoenix Team has plans to develop a Launch Pad based platform for projects enabling them to launch their products and projects with low fees and multichain. In addition, the team aims to have their own smart contract-based blockchain which will have low fees, faster and safe transactions.

● Massive Upcoming Plans or Roadmap
Meta Phoenix Team has massive upcoming plans for its' community which are mentioned in their roadmap and whitepaper. Some of them are:-
● Influencer Marketing
● Staking
● Fire Swap Launch
● NFTs Marketplace
● Beta Testing of Metaverse Games
● CEX Listing
● And a Lot More...

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