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panKUKU is a Hyper Deflationary Token Running on Binance Smart Chain BEP20. No minting of new tokens and massive burning! Some of the current products are KUKU Swap, Super High Staking, an NFT Marketplace and a Barter Lottery.

About PanKUKU:-

PanKUKU Token is inspired by the famous "Pancakeswap", Later it expanded into a much bigger ecosystem, Offering a variety of products and services than any other Decentralized Exchange in the market.

As of now, the PanKUKU Ecosystem offers products such as KUKU Swap, Farms, Pools, Lottery and an NFT Marketplace. Also, the team is working on upcoming products such as KUKU Play, KUKU Wallet, KUKU Shop and LaunchPad etc.

Although, it's a Decentralized Exchange, but it has some great features making it better than other exchanges. i.e it is Capped forever (No Minting of new tokens), hyper deflationary burning system, Anti-Whale Function, Automated Rewards to Holders, a utility token for making purchases, a High-Level Security Infrastructure and a lot more.

The social presence of PanKUKU is really good as it has been listed on various leading crypto platforms including Nomics, DexTools, PooCoin, GeckoTerminal, TheBitTimes, CoinSniper, CoinHunter, CoinVote, Watcher Guru, Coin Discovery and many more making it more publicly trustable.

The PanKUKU Team is dedicated towards the project and therefore working to bring more utility by making partnerships with Local Shops, Web Shops and Crypto Companies. In addition to the Security perspective, their smart contract audit will also be done soon (As per the information available on their gitbook repository). 

The Team is quite ambitious and has bigger plans mentioned in their roadmap 2022. The same can be found in the picture below.

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