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Do Kwon recently introduced LUNA 2.0 in a proposal, faces criticism from the community.

Kwon recently posted a tweet saying to rename the older Luna as "Luna Classic" and rebirth of a new Terra chain to be called "$Luna".

Now, some node validators have announced their willingness to support the new chain. Supporters include the staking providers StaderLabs, the mixing service TerraBay, the DeFi service Nebula Protocol, and the NFT marketplace RandomEarth

Other supporters include groups such as Stake Systems, Delight, Chainlayer, THORchain, Smart Stake, Angel Protocol, Aperture Finance, and SCV Finance etc.

Voting is Live now on the new chain proposal and will not be carried out until 27th May, it will be interesting to see what gonna be the result and the community's reaction to it. As the community is more preferring Buy-back and Burning of the older luna instead of introducing the new one.

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