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Bitcoin again falls below $20,000 support as investors predict, the bottom is still far.

Again, the price of Bitcoin has fallen below $20,000 for the third time before the end of this month. 
For the third time in as many weeks, Bitcoin is trading at around $19,200 as of now, expecting the July scenario in crypto to be very unpredictive for the upcoming month.

The crypto market is going through worse days than where it was in 2020. On December 18 of that financial year, $20,000 was bitcoin's all-time highIn the previous bear markets, Bitcoin had never before fallen below the prior bull run's peak. But now due to it's changing cycle, the investors and financial institutions are unable to predict its nature for the upcoming days.

 As of now, at the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading at $19,027 on major exchanges with a market cap of $364B.

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