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Artistokens is on the mission to give everyone the freedom to share, stream and monetize their art or exhibition shows in a decentralized manner.

About Artistokens ($ART):-

Artistokens is a next-generation web 3.0 decentralized platform for artists connecting them with a digital interface and introducing them into the world of Metaverse. Artistokens is basically a blockchain-based alternative to existing streaming platforms, where users (artists) can publish, monetize and distribute their content directly to their fans. This will maximize their earning potential and build a healthier relationship with their fans.

Artistokens artists generally consist of three main categories of users: Artists (content creators) who upload tracks, create albums and share content with their following fans. Fans, (content consumers) who stream tracks, create playlists, subscribe & follow artists and re-share content with their following. And, Service Providers (content distributors) who serve app traffic, stream the shows, art & artwork and are dedicated to securing the network. 

When it comes to rewarding its community, the Artistokens network has its own native asset ($ART) which provides network security, as well as exclusive access to unique features and community governance. As per the Artistoken team, they will pay for the classes for those who love art but finds it difficult to get into it. Also, they will give an opportunity to talented artists to showcase their talent while supporting them to achieve their goals.

Artistoken is designed as a gateway for artists around the world to have a meet, show and make live performances while winning lots of prizes for just being a holder of $ART. Also, the Artistoken will be used as a payment gateway and it will help artists in various countries to have access to quality art products and produce.

The Artistoken's team will be bringing the traditional artist world to the metaverse digital world. And the holders of Artistokens will be airdropped NFTs as an incentive for supporting the project. Also, the metaverse will treat everyone as players who go about collecting rare NFTs, enhancing their attributes and commercializing them via a dedicated marketplace within the Artistokens network.

The Artistoken team has successfully partnered with 75 different Art and Sports schools with more to be added before the project is officially launched. Artistokens team has bigger plans and a roadmap including CoinMarketCap listing, CEX listing, Development of Artistoken Metaverse, NFT Marketplace and a lot more. Also, they have been mentioned in various media journals i.e https://www.investing.com/news/cryptocurrency-news/artistokens-is-positioning-itself-as-a-decentralized-alternative-to-traditional-streaming-services-2866713 and https://biz.crast.net/artistcoins-is-establishing-itself-as-a-decentralized-alternative-to-traditional-streaming-services/

In the end, Artistokens aims to motivate underprivileged creators and support them in pursuing meaningful lives through blockchain and art network.

To learn more about Artistokens please visit their official website, Twitter or contact the team via Telegram or Discord.

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