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RIN Finance focuses on building play-to-earn games and NFTs marketplace backed by a strong community.

About Rin Finance Coin (RIFICO):-

Rin Finance is a next-generation web3-based project that mainly focuses on games, NFTs and Marketplace. Rin Finance provides gamers an opportunity to earn money while playing 2D and 3D games and also having fun with the community. Rin Finance Coin ($RIFICO) is the native currency of the Rin Games Arcade. As it is based on Binance Smart Chain, it will allow users to play games in Rin Arcade and earn more tokens or other in-game rewards which can be traded in their inbuilt NFT Marketplace.

The Rin Finance Community is growing continuously and has partnered with leading crypto platforms and exchanges including PancakeSwap, TokPie, CoinGecko, BscScan, Dex Tools, BlockSpot.io, Nomics, RadioShark, CoinPaprika and recently on BSC Spotter. The team plans to grow exponentially with time.

The Rin Finance team is actively working on their "Rin Finance Games Arcade" which will consist of 2D and 3D play-to-earn games that will be developed over a long period of time. The holders of Rin Finance Coin ($RIFICO) will have the access to these arcade games, they can play and earn more tokens or in-game rewards which can be traded in their NFT Marketplace when open.

The Rin Finance team is committed to ensuring that their ecosystem is as secure as possible. Using their internal security expertise, they are taking every possible measure to publicly secure their ecosystem. In addition, they've got a premium audit done by the leading audit firm "Analytix Audit". The audit report can be found on their website:- https://www.rinfinance.net/

Rin Finance has a global vision and believes in moving fast and innovating. Some of the upcoming goals include "The Launch of Rin Adventure", although the game is live at https://rinfinance.net/game/ and is quite amazing. And also the development of "The 2nd Game & In-Game NFT Marketplace". They are committed to deliver the best products for their community.

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