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VACUUM researches and creates the next generation of online community culture calling it "Metaverse Union (MU)".

About VACUUM:-

VACUUM is a next-generation web3-based blockchain research company that aims to utilize the fairness of blockchain and security of web3 to create a new online ecosystem that aims for infinite subculture and anti-monopoly calling it "Metaverse Union (MU)".

The Vacuum team wants more people to learn about the era of Metaverse through "MU". The team would like to solve the problem of "Lack of Communication" with the help of web3 and blockchain technology. Their ultimate goal is to complete the space of infinite expansion. A new world in web3 where users can make real-time communication through voice chatting, have fun with the community etc. Also, the Metaverse Union (MU) will publish all the activity records as NFTs.

The Vacuum team is introducing a new technology concept called "Chat To Earn (C2E)" to their community. It is an amazing concept to engage the community by rewarding them. It has a huge potential to become a key utility for tokens in the web3 era. The Vacuum community and team is growing at a fast pace with confidence, reliability and scalability. The Vacuum has partnered with leading industry firms and platforms including Scope Company, Crazy Rabbit, and 2022 Moon and is open to expanding more.

The Vacuum team has introduced their utility token "Vacuum Coin" which is based on ERC smart contract technology. It is designed in such an amazing way that it can be used on/offline as well as on the metaverse. The team believes that blockchain is the most democratic system in human history. They are developing the actual use cases of cryptocurrency through "Vacuum Coin". They are also working on research and developing industry-friendly technologies such as "Documentation of NFTs".

The Vacuum team is actively working on technologies for their ecosystem such as cross-chain bridge, auction system, game-fi claim etc. They are also working on their frontend technologies to provide a smooth and seamless UI/UX experience on mobile and web to use their services.

Vacuum has a global vision and believes in moving fast and innovating. Their roadmap consists of many upcoming developments such as Huge Marketing Push and Influencers, Metaverse Union Alpha Version release and Community testing, Issuance of VC and listing on Top DEX and CEXs. Creating VC use cases in GameFi (Collaboration with CRR P2E and other projects), Metaverse Union Beta Version release, Creation of VC use cases on/offline, 1st Metaverse Conference and a lot more etc. 

Vacuum is working in the right direction for future humanity. Resisting the monopolization of specific companies in the blockchain industry and web3 technology. They are committed to deliver the best products for their ecosystem and community.

Social Media and Important Links:-

Telegram Global:- https://t.me/vacuumglobal
Telegram Korea:- https://t.me/Vacuum_korea

>> Disclaimer Risk warning:- Cryptocurrency Investment is subject to high market risk. The information on our website is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before investing anywhere, we will not be responsible for your investment losses.
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