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About Ator Protocol ($ATOR):-

Ator Protocol is a web3-based revolutionary project which is working to shape the future of privacy and anonymity with the help of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Ator empowers "The Onion Router (TOR)", through on-chain incentives and facilitates wider adoption of secure network relay protocols through their unique products. The ator protocol's ecosystem is powered by its' official token ($ATOR).

The Ator Protocol community is growing at a fast pace and the ($ATOR) token already has a wide presence on many reputed blockchain and crypto platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, UniSwap V2, MEXC Global, Chainge Finance etc, and will be available on more exchanges in the foreseeable future.

ATOR Protocol contributes in very a unique way to the existing Tor Network such as a framework for existing Tor relays to receive cryptocurrency recognition in their native currency ATOR, an introduction of the ATOR Router Hotspot, a handheld device that enables users to connect their consumer devices via WiFi and route all their web-traffic through Tor script, The rollout of the ATOR Relay, their own version of the Tor relay designed for Tor routing and immediately interoperable with their ATOR Proof-of-Uptime framework that allows non-technical users to mine ATOR and contribute to web anonymity through Tor Network. ATOR team is highly experienced and have enthusiasm to build up Tor, through incentives for existing relays and an influx of new relays powered by their top-notch hardware, to the scale and resilience needed for global adoption. To read more about the Tor incentives, please visit:- https://docs.ator.io/technicals/tor-incentives

If we discuss about Ator team's Hardware products, they have mentioned Router, Relay and LoRa. Each of them have their own uniqueness such as Ator Router is built for users to connect their consumer devices directly to the Tor Network using the Ator Router as an intermediary, encrypting all the users' traffic packets through Tor. Similarly, Relay allows non-technical users to contribute to the Tor Network and get rewarded for their contribution. And the LoRa (Long-Wave Radio), this will provide the complete independence from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), dedicated to the most privacy consious users. More information about these products can be found at:- https://docs.ator.io/technicals/hardware

The Ator team is quite ambitious and has a beautiful roadmap and plans for their upcoming developments. Some of them include Release of their own hardware products, Transition to longer-term ATOR incentives, Release of ATOR hidden services built on top of Tor, Prototypes for 'last-mile' LoRa relays and a lot more. The ATOR community is expanding exponentially wit their project team who believes in innovating and putting their knowledge of techonolgy and experience to have the greatest positive impact in the space of anonymity and privacy. To get detailed information about the Ator protocol's roadmap and upcoming plans, please visit:- https://docs.ator.io/roadmap

Social Media and Important Links:-

Website:- https://ator.io/
Official Discussion:- https://t.me/atorofficialportal
Community Discussion:- https://t.me/atorcommunityportal

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