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About Monolend:-

MonoLend is a next-generation web3-based revolutionary solution for liquidity concentration and lending markets. The users can seamlessly earn interest on their deposits and pay interest to borrow assets. This provides the ability to free capital against assets, users are planning to hold for utilization in other investments, leveraging or expenses. The amazing thing is borrowers do not have a repayment schedule with no limits on loan duration. And the best part is, MonoLend is non-custodial, which means no user funds can be seized by the protocol, the way to a complete decentralized world.

The MonoLend community is growing exponentially and the $MLD token already has a wide presence on many reputed blockchain and crypto platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, QuickSwap and DeBankDeFi etc and is on the way to moving ahead at a rapid pace in the foreseeable future. Apart from this, In the recent time, their community has achieved a remarkable milestone of $4 Million in TVL within just a week!!! And will do more wonders in the upcoming future.

MonoLend offers amazing and many unique services. Their team aims to develop a tool that could offer Cheap leveraging, Additional utility of large & medium tokens, Smart yield-bearing leverage and looping, Access to limitless liquidity and affordable borrows, Playground for various strategies that can be built on top. MonoLend has evolved from AAVE, the largest lending and borrowing market on Ethereum. AAVE's contracts have been thoroughly audited and battle-tested, so that users can have confidence in using MonoLend. More information about this can be found at:- https://monolend.gitbook.io/docs/

Discussing the tokenomics, MoonLend's official token $MLD has a total supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens. 50% is emitted as an incentive for suppliers & borrowers, to be released over a time period of two years. 20% is emitted as an incentive for pool 2 liquidity providers, to be released linearly over a period of two years. 20% to the team, which will be released linearly over two years. And 5% each is allocated to the core contribution of the ecosystem and to the treasury. Detailed information with graphical statistics about the same is available at:- https://monolend.gitbook.io/docs/acquaintance-with-the-functions/tokenomics

The MonoLend team believes in security, transparency and innovation. They are dedicated to make their ecosystem secure, transparent and seamless. This shows a very bright future for their ecosystem as well as for their community.

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