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About BACD Token ($BACD2):-

BACD is a truly decentralized, revolutionary and smart way to acquire investment funds on the blockchain, helping web3 firms with capital, investors and investment strategies. BACD consists of a board of directors, investment committees and a decentralized community working on a proof-of-stake basis to improve BACD'S ecosystem. BACD uses a scientific approach to calculate optimal mixes between asset classes like private equity and digital assets to maximize investors' return.

The BACD community is growing at a very fast pace and their team has established remarkable partnerships with key industry players to deliver its services which include Blockster Network, Passbase, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Digishares, BLNS, Dubai Crypto Whales and a lot more. And, they'll eventually grow more in the foreseeable future.

The BACD platform is backed by a team of professionals and industry experts who have years of experience in the financial & banking sector, business development, real estate and tech-enthusiasts. One of the biggest advantages of investing in BACD2 token is that their team has expertise in seamlessly onboarding the early stage web3 companies and helping them to tokenize and list their company's token within hours to acquire investors and raise funds.

BACD2 token is listed on the leading decentralized exchange Pancakeswap to buy. The BACD ecosystem offers many amazing services and features to its investors. For example, the holders will receive reflections directly to their wallets. In this way, they can earn passive income through dividends. Also, the holders will receive a BACD2 debit card where they can store their fiat and crypto and can easily swap their tokens for fiat money.

The investors and holders can sign up as a professional investor to start receiving investor kits and perks from the BACD team which includes Apple devices such as MacBook Pro, iWatch, iPhone and specialized software developed by the BACD team to help individuals and companies in managing and diversifying their portfolios to get maximum benefits from their assets. If you're interested, you can checkout more about their investor kit:- https://www.bacd.io/investor-kit

The BACD team is quite ambitious and has a beautiful roadmap and plans for their upcoming developments. Some of them include BACD Native Mobile App for iOS and Android, Deployment of token on another blockchain networks, Yield farming implementation, Global Branding Campaign, Ambassador onboarding, CEX and DEX listings, Certik smart contract audit, BACD 10M USD series A round, BACD chain, payment provider partnership, US real estate security token listing, Automated tokenization platform with white labeled portal for portfolio companies, educational content and a lot more which you should checkout at:-https://www.bacd.io/#roadmap. The BACD2 tokens have a limited total supply of 100M. With 1M burning & counting and the utility it provides, BACD2 has real potential for growth in the foreseeable future.

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