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Pitbull is a community driven BNB chain based meme token which prides itself on community development and claims to be a “unique social experiment” by engaging investors in the development of the community, as well as in the project itself. Pitbull rewards its investors through an auto staking mechanism, which guarantees passive yield by rewarding token holders with fees from transactions that are conducted in PIT.

Pitbull is listed on more than 20 top tier exchanges and platforms including Pancakeswap, 1inch, Mexc Global, Gate.io, Bitkan, Hotbit, CoinEx, Bitget, P2pB2b, Digifinex, Biconomy, Latoken, CoinTiger and OKX etc. Also, at the time of writing this article, Pitbull has got listed on Salavi exchange and will continue to grow at a rapid face in the foreseen future.

Pitbull has a global community and the token is widely covered in various media journals and websites including LunarCrush, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga and has has forged several partnerships with charities, such as the Kennel to Couch charity – a non-profit focusing on saving Pitbulls, Change Now, Change Hero etc – and with DeFi projects, including Pig Finance and Friction Finance.

Thus far, Pitbull team has developed tons of DeFi utility based products for their ecosystem which includes PitTracker, a tool for investors to keep track of their PIT token holdings and profits from auto-staking rewards, PitCharts, a charting and analysis tool can be used for all tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Upon full release, the team plans to generate additional income from selling advertising and premium features for the tool, PitFarm, it allow users to stake liquidity tokens for points, which can then be redeemed for Pitbull NFTs and many others like Pit Lottery, Pit Safe, Pit Swap, Pit Mag, Pit Metaverse and their official Pit Merch which is coming soon in near future.

As Pitbull cares about it's community and security of their ecosystem, Hence the Pitbull smart contract was audited by the leading auditing firm TechRate, to ensure the safety of pitbull community. Pitbull recently has revealed it's new web interface and an ambitious roadmap including more top tier exchange listings, strategic partnerships, worldwide marketing campaigns, PitMusic, PitNFTs v2.0, Integration with credit card payment systems for real time payments and a lot more.

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