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About OneG8 ($G8 Coin):-

OneG8 is a blockchain based revolutionary tech firm who provides and manage encrypted data management system that uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to ensure the safety and privacy of the data of each user, while using the various products in their ecosystem. These include tools for social media, telecommunications, business IT,  supply management and many more. In short, OneG8 connects consumers and businesses under a secured ecosystem, while providing them all the benefits of modern technology and protecting their valuable data from the big tech firms.

Although OneG8 has an amazing range of products and tools in their ecosystem, the main highlight of them includes Social Media (No algorithms, No AI analytics, No manipulation, No targeted ads, No hidden agenda), Messaging Service and Voice / Video Conferencing (Private end to end military grade encrypted technology to secure the chats and calls of their users), Content Creation (Rewarding content creators and influencers for making high quality engaging content), Digital Asset Wallet (A decentralized non-custodial wallet which will secure the wealth of the users), DataG8 Drive (A revolutionary data storage service allowing individuals and businesses to store and manage their data in a secure and decentralized manner) and a lot more.

The OneG8 community is growing at a rapid pace and their team has established remarkable partnerships with key industry players which includes FAGRI, an icon in Italy's agricultural sector, to launch iTAG8 - an RWA (Real world asset), social-fi, and global supply chain management solution to connect the highest quality "Made in Italy" brands and products with the consumers who love them across the world. Moreover, OneG8 has been mentioned in the international media journal and websites including Business Insider, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance, Crypto Daily and the leading crypto platform CoinGecko etc and they'll grow more in the foreseeable future.

G8 Coin ($G8C) is the core which powers the OneG8 ecosystem, a revolutionary blockchain based Coin which operates on its own layer-1 blockchain (G8 chain) with full EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility and also compatibility with five other blockchain protocols. It's a secured, deflationary, utility driven, growth oriented and rewarding coin which enjoys compatibility with Trust wallet and Metamask too. Also, recently OneG8 community is celebrating a significant milestone as G8 coin ($G8C) has been listed on one of the most popular crypto trading exchange "BitMart".

OneG8 team is quite ambitious and has beautiful plans and roadmap for their upcoming developments. Some of them include Real-time collaboration on documents (Similar to Google Docs, Sheets etc but with full encrypted data protection), Real-time coding collaboration and app development with version control (Similar to Github but with more advanced features and data protection), File Sharing (Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox but with military-grade encrypted technology), E-commerce (Similar to Amazon, Shopify but on the blockchain network with total privacy), Social-Fi, Crowdfunding, E-education and a lot more. OneG8 has real potential for growth in the foreseeable future.

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Buy $G8C on the BitMart Exchange:- https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en-US?symbol=G8C_USDT

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