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An Introduction to BETHERCHIP:- 

"BetherChip" is a revolutionary token developed for gaming that is much safer, transparent and consistent. Through Blockchain technology, BetherChip has come out as a safe and more effective method for gaming. 

BetherChip Team seeks to bring through technology, safety and transaction agility for all kind of games, whether they are physical or virtual. In short, BetherChip is a complete answer for gamers with much more safety, transparency and reliability.

Features and Amazing things about BetherChip:-

● Listed on leading Cryptocurrency Platforms and Exchanges

The BetherChip team has successfully partnered with leading cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, 3commas, Nomics, DigitalCoin, CoinCost, Advfn, Coinstats, Coindataflow, Cryptocompare, Coinmarket, BEC wallet, Latoken, Finexbox, P2pb2b, Bilaxy, Digifinex, Bitmart and Coinsbit etc which is truly amazing.

Safety and Transparency of EtherScan

Using very efficient encryption and blockchain technology, BetherChip will have 100% of its transactions demonstrated via EtherScan, a complete and transparent report of everything that happens with the cryptocurrency.

Wallet Staking

The staking technique is a new way to earn with the token, a method to generate passive earnings by encouraging users to hold on to their tokens to receive revenue.

Popularity in International Media

The BetherChip Token has gained wide attention and numerous mention in international media and articles such as in NewsChastin (NC), BeInCrypto, The Coin Shark etc.

Systems and APIs

The BetherChip Team is adapting gaming platforms with APIs that connect people to the machines, games, systems, all these in a single place, making it more transparent and efficient.

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