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An Introduction to iVOGEL Token:-

Nowadays, the CryptoCurrency world is being driven by memes, shitcoins and non-functional tokens, created on several different networks and blockchains, which serve no purpose at all other than tricking users into trading those assets to create market fluctuations that are backed by no specific reason at all and are all artificially made. This mess must come to an end, and Ivogel is here to do that.

 "iVOGEL" is a new and emerging cryptocurrency token launched by the iVOGEL Finance Team, the token is introduced with a unique and noble concept dedicated to the welfare of endangered birds that are on the edge of extinction due to climatic changes and many other causes.

Features and Amazing things about iVOGEL Token:-

● Static Rewards

1% from the seller fee is distributed to all the existing holders.

Whale Protection

This feature prevents sudden price drops as a result of whales (large amount holders) trading irresponsibly by selling a large amount of tokens at once.


Burning is a very important process that helps a token to increase its price value by reducing the quantity of the token with time. So, iVOGEL Team has decided to burn 50% of the total supply to increase their token value.


As per iVOGEL Team, iVOGEL is about benefitting the community in every possible way. Giving back and supporting each other is a part of their core values.

● Remove Pollution

iVOGEL aims to reduce the wastage of energy making the environment eco-friendly which will eventually help to sustain the ecosystem of birds all around the world.

● Massive Upcoming Plans or Roadmap

The iVOGEL team has great upcoming plans or roadmap which they have mentioned on their website and in the whitepaper as well. Some of them are:- Listing Token on Exchanges, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko etc. Marketing, Donation/Charity to Community, Airdrop, IVG Mobile App Launch, IVG Swap and many more etc.

Love this article? Want to know more about iVOGEL, Checkout at https://ivogel-finance.com

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