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An Introduction to Pop Art NFT:-

With Pop Art NFT we want to develop a fully decentralized marketplace. You will be able to collect and trade unique NFTs in a quick and simple way. For the artists, we offer the ability to turn your own artworks into non-fungible tokens and sell them after. Find the beauty in simple things. Our goal is to bring art to the masses because Pop Art is for everyone! - The POP ART NFT Team

Features and Amazing things about Pop Art NFT:-

● Upcoming Listings on leading Cryptocurrency Platforms

The Pop Art NFT has been successfully listed on leading cryptocurrency platforms such as CoinVote, BscScan etc and have plans to list on PancakeSwap V2 and many other exchanges as well.

● Enormous Social Media Presence

The Pop Art NFT team has a strong presence on various leading social media platforms such as:-

 Telegram:- https://t.me/PopArtNFT

 Twitter:- https://twitter.com/PopArtNFT

 Github:- https://github.com/PopArtNFT

 Reddit:- https://www.reddit.com/r/PopArtNFT

● NFT Marketplace

The Pop Art NFT team has been planning to launch their NFT Marketplace for the artists, to offer the ability to turn their artworks into Non-fungible tokens and sell them after.

● Huge Upcoming Plans or Roadmap

The Pop Art NFT team has huge plans which are listed in their whitepaper and on the website as a roadmap. Some of them are:-

 Arranging a Presale on PinkSale

 Marketing Campaigns

 Launch on PancakeSwap

 CoinMarketCap Listing

 Listing on Hotbit and XT exchanges

 Partnerships with influencers

 PopArtSwap Launch

 Partnerships with NFT Artists

 NFT Marketplace Launch

 Development of Mobile App

 Liquidity Staking

 PopArt Merch Creation

 And a Lot More...

Love this article? Want to know more about Pop Art NFT, Checkout https://www.popartnft.net/

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