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An Introduction to the Rainbow Token:-

$RAINBOW is designed by a team of experienced programmers, crypto investors and marketers that all have experience in the BSC DeFi space! Read the article below to get to know about their 7 protocols.

Features and Amazing things about Rainbow Token:-

 ● Listed on leading Cryptocurrency Platforms

The Rainbow Token has been successfully listed on leading cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, PancakeSwap etc. And at the time of writing this article, it is trending on CMC as well.

● Enormous Social Media Presence

The Rainbow Team has a strong presence on various leading social media platforms such as:-

 Twitter:- https://twitter.com/rainbowtokenbsc

 Telegram:- https://t.me/rainbow_crypto

 Discord:- https://discord.com/invite/U6AUZzhn

 Reddit:- https://www.reddit.com/r/RainbowToken_BSC/

● Rainbow's Smart Contract Security Audit

The Rainbow Token's Smart Contract Code Audit has been done by the leading audit firm "SolidProof", and the audit report is available at:- https://github.com/solidproof/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/SmartContract_Audit_Solidproof_RainbowToken.pdf

● Hyper - Deflation

There are 3 ways in which the $RAINBOW Tokens are burnt, which reduces the supply and increases the value of tokens.

● Token Buyback

Every time there's a sell, the contract will automatically purchase back tokens which will increase the price and buy pressure.

● Autonomous Yield

With each transaction, $RAINBOW holders will receive interest automatically straight into their wallets.

● Charity

A cut of each transaction is put towards a green future for us and this planet. The Rainbow team has already donated $12,500 to many charities such as Rainbow Trust, Charity: Water, Save the Children etc.

● Auto Growing Liquidity

With each trade, the underlying liquidity automatically grows. This means a stronger token with less volatility.

● Marketing Outreach

A small portion of every transaction is used towards marketing and other business expenses to expand it's brand value.

● Lucky Dip

The Contract grows a portion of tokens over time. With each $RAINBOW buy, holders will have a chance to win the entire prizepool!

● BiFrost (The Latest Development)

BiFrost is a Decentralized Platform for launching BEP-20 tokens, developed by the $RAINBOW team.

● Massive Upcoming Plans or Roadmap

The Rainbow team has massive upcoming plans which are mentioned in their roadmap. Some of them are:-

● Listing on Multiple Exchanges

● Reach out to other projects for Cross - Marketing and Collaborations

● Hire Extra Programmers and Experienced Developers

● Launch BiFrost Beta

● Expand Outreach and Marketing Strategies

● Implement Staking/Farming

● And a Lot More...

Love this article? Want to know more about $Rainbow Token, Checkout https://rainbowtoken.finance/

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