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We combined classic chess games with the modern world of cryptocurrencies to allow everyone to monetize their intellectual abilities.     - Chess Polygon

About Chess Polygon (STEIN):-

Chess Polygon is a chess game that allows an individual to monetize intelligence by using chess as a cryptocurrency mining tool. The game will be available to play on both the App Store and Play Store soon. Chess is one of the oldest board games and blockchain is one of the latest futuristic technology, that's how the team behind this got the inspiration to combine these and introduced "Chess Polygon".

STEIN is the native token of the chess polygon project. STEIN runs on polygon ($MATIC) blockchain, which is a fast, scalable, reliable and secure protocol. You can play the game with your friends or players all over the world and get rewarded in the form of STEIN tokens and NFTs by defeating them.

Chess Polygon offers amazing features for its community, gamers and investors. As investors can invest not only in the project token, but also in individual players. They can act as a Manager, can create their own team and receive passive income. Similarly, Gamers and Chess fans can participate in tournaments and could earn crypto tokens and NFTs etc.

There are different game modes i.e Mining, Challenge and Investor. Each mode has its own benefits like you can earn STEIN tokens and NFTs by defeating random opponents in the Mining Mode. In Challenge mode, players can set the playing time and amount of STEIN tokens per win. And Investor mode offers you to create your own team, invest in individual players and receive a part of the reward of their victories.

The Chess Polygon (STEIN) team has big ambitions and goals mentioned in their roadmap. Some of them are:- STEIN smart contract audit, Alpha and Beta versions of the game on both the Android and iOS platforms, Game Modes Implementation, PC version of the game, Tournament Announcements, NFT Marketplace Announcement and much more.

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