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Momenteum is an NFT platform that sets the stage for your moment. Interact with musical artists, discover new content and earn passive rewards while doing so.

About Momenteum NFT:-

The Momenteum NFT is a next-generation web3-based platform for artists and music lovers. One of the core initiatives of the Momenteum project is to introduce new users to the benefits of blockchain technology, changing the way music lovers interact with their favorite artists and vice-versa. Momenteum's mission is to grow within the industry and explore various use cases for NFTs and cryptocurrency in general. Having all the fun, developing the ecosystem and bringing it all to one place with the $MOMENT token.

The Momenteum Community is growing continuously and has partnered with leading crypto industry firms including Legacy Capital, PinkSale, Dream Marketing and Branding, Soulairium Music Group and many more etc. Their team offers amazing opportunities to join them as an Artist/Creator/Collector. In addition, they have a playlist on all major DSPs including Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and Spotify etc. More information on how to join their team is available at:- https://momenteum.me/

The Momenteum team is actively working on their NFT Marketplace "MomentMarket", a place to create, sell and collect digital items. You can sign up for a creator's account, mint NFTs and easily sell/collect them. From Art, Music to Collectibles, An artist can find a lot here. Users can visit MomentMarket to explore more.

The Momenteum team is committed to ensuring that their ecosystem is as secure as possible. Using their internal security expertise, they are taking every possible measure to publicly secure their ecosystem. In addition, they're getting an audit to be done by the leading audit firm "Certik". The audit is in progress and can be found at:- https://www.certik.com/projects/momenteum

The Momenteum team has a global vision and believes in moving fast and innovating. Some of their upcoming goals include NFT Marketplace for artists, content creators and service providers, MetaHQ, Genesis NFT collection, Patreon style social media app, P2E NFT Music player and a lot more. They are committed to deliver the best products for their community.

Social Media and Important Links:-

NFT Marketplace:- https://momentmarket.app/

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