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The LandLord Token ($LNDLRD) is the UK's first beer and pub based Bep-20 token with amazing utilities.

About The LandLord Token:-

The LandLord ($LNDLRD) Token is a next-generation web3 project based on Beers and Pubs. It is a Bep-20 protocol-based crypto token having 3 amazing protocols, passive income, real-world use cases, utility-driven NFTs and a lot more.

The LandLord Community is growing exponentially and has collaborated with key industry players and influencers with tons of listings on leading platforms such as CoinGecko, PancakeSwap, Tokpie, Bogged Finance, Gate.io, Nomics, Watcher Guru, CoinBrain, LiveCoinWatch, CoinMooner, Dex Guru, CoinVote and many more. They are always looking to form listing partnerships and will expand continuously.

The LandLord team is actively working on their amazing products which include LandLord Beers, The LandLord team has formed a partnership with Crafty Brewery in the UK to release the first LandLord Craft Beer (REKT). This will be available in several stores in the UK and soon will be sold via online stores across the world. and the LandLord Pubs, these pubs will initially be launched in the UK and will continue to expand worldwide. These pubs will accept crypto payments and encourage $LNDLRD token holders to pay with their tokens to receive discounted drinks. $LNDLRD holders will also be able to unlock NFTs in order to receive more discounted drinks and special offers.

The LandLord team also has started developing a unique and intuitive crypto Point of Sale System. This will allow the Bars, Pubs, Clubs and Cafes to successfully take orders, manage inventories and accept payment in various types of cryptocurrencies including $LNDLRD. and Yes, they're also developing a shopping portal The LandLord Store where you can order amazing products related to Glassware, Clothing etc.

The LandLord team is committed to ensure that their ecosystem is as secure as possible. Using their internal security expertise, they are taking every possible measure to publicly secure their ecosystem. In addition, they have got an audit done by one of the leading auditing firm "Dessert Finance". The report is available at:- https://thelandlord.biz/pdf/The-Landlord-Audit.pdf

The LandLord team has a global vision and believes in moving fast and innovating. Thus, they are moving accordingly to their roadmap. Some of their upcoming goals include expanding their Social Media Community, Exchange Listings, 1st LandLord Lottery Event, Limited Edition Craft Beers, LandLord NFT Collection, Supply Burn Event, Launching the Full Beer Range, LandLord App V1 and a lot more. They are committed to delivering the best products for their ecosystem.

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