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Recently, TRON's network made it into the list of top 5 blockchain networks by number of transactions per second. What next for it?

Recently, the high number of transactions has seen a surge on TRON's network. The number of active accounts on the Tron network has increased rapidly over the past few days. If the activity continues like this, the overall active addresses on the Tron network could surpass the 2M mark.

According to a tweet by the Tron community, it has made itself into the list of top 5 blockchains by number of transactions per second (TPS). Due to this, the overall number of transactions on the TRON network has increased from 5.6M to 7M in the past few days, as per the Tron network's information.

Tron’s native cryptocurrency, TRX has seen massive growth in terms of development. The founder has confirmed the participation of Hong Kong in the development of Web3 projects and therefore we can expect a huge pump in the upcoming days. As of now, at the time of writing this article, TRX has ranked #14 with a market capitalization of $6.1 Billion.

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