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About Orion Network:-

Orion Network is a web3-based revolutionary project which is working to shape the future by combining the capabilities of AI technology, Blockchain and financial space. The Orion Network has a solid team of crypto enthusiasts who've got years of experience in blockchain and real financial projects. The team has developed a lot already and more to come with AI technology. The Orion Network's ecosystem is powered by its official token ($ORION).

The Orion Network community is growing exponentially and the token already has a wide presence on many reputed blockchain and crypto platforms such as Ave.ai, Bscscan, Poocoin, CoinMarketCap, Pancakeswap, Orion Swap etc. The Orion Network team takes safety and transparency as their top priority and hence they've done their smart contract audited by the reputed audit firm "Cognitos" and the audit report is available to read at:- https://www.cognitos.io/orionnetwork-audit

The Orion Network offers amazing features to its holders. The team has plans to have a surprise giveaway when they surpass 1,000 community members in their telegram group. As per the information from their team, they're in touch with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, there will be rewards for holders and merch coming inside soon. From the start of next month, their team will begin testing their wallet app which will be coming out in the summer. Their developing team is also engaged in building a smart AI bot and there will be a testnet for their chain, which is currently under development. The team had already two successful AMAs and they're going to talk about a new utility in the next week's AMA. Also, the team is giving back to the community constantly with competitions, airdrops, giveaways & buybacks and 3% of the total supply has already burnt.

Apart from this, the Orion Network has a special utility app called "Orion Swap". This will allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies with each other, without the need for a centralized intermediary. This will enable faster and more efficient transactions and will help in lowering the fees as much as possible. On the other hand, the team is actively working on their upcoming Dapp which will allow users to access a wide range of features and tools for interacting with the Orion Network ecosystem. This will include features like staking, yield farming and more etc. Orion Swap can be accessed via:- https://orion.dexbuilder.app/#/swap

The Orion Network team has a beautiful roadmap and plans for their upcoming developments. Some of them include Merchandise Release (1st week of May 2023), Testnet launch with community rewards, Mining Pool launch, Pegged version of the token on Arbitrum, Wallet development with full compatibility for all available chains and staking of live tokens, 2 Tier-1 CEX listings, DEX testnet and NFT marketplace, Apply for Polkadot parachain, Exclusive and Huge Marketing Campaigns and a lot more. This shows a very bright future for their ecosystem as well as for their community.

Social Media and Important Links:-

Announcements Channel:- https://t.me/orionnetworkglobal
Orion Shillers' Army:- https://t.me/+1VNmnrBtK1BlMDM0

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