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About Global Care Token:-

Global Care Token is a web3-based revolutionary project that aims to work for charity and humanity. A project that rewards good actions, cares about people and is the token for NGOs. Global Care Token cares about each of its holders and therefore they plant 500 trees for every 500 holders with one of the associated NGOs. They have already planted 1,000 trees with which they've retained more than 20 tons of CO2. Their next goal is to reach 1,500 holders and thus make their plant ecosystem to grow with 500 more trees. You can check the certification of their collaborating NGO at:- https://tree-nation.com/en/profile/impact/global-care-token-1

The Global Care Token community is growing exponentially and the token is listed on leading crypto platforms and exchanges such as Pancakeswap, Nomics, Poocoin, Bscscan, Babyswap, Dextools and many more to come. The project team takes safety and transparency as the top priority and hence they've done their contract audited by the reputed firm "CoinTool.app". The audit report is available at:- https://cointool.app/audit/report/0xC580c769dA3Ffb9e7689d2696F1AD3c97A24047e-56?id=632b10666b633064656a3712601535316a3664656b6a3761656a651562121760306a64126167636764362f6665

Global Care Token has unique tokenomics which happen after each transaction and include 2% to be Distributed among holders, 2% to be Distributed among charities, 1% Automatic liquidity pool and 1% for Marketing. To date, they've burned more than 20% of the tokens and will continue burning them in the next upcoming months to reach the target of 50% of the total supply. The total supply distribution is as follows:- Initial (1,000,000,000 GLCare), Current (800,000,000 GLCare) and more can be seen in the below image.

The Global Care Token team believes in building and innovation and hence they've built "Global Care World", A play-to-earn game on sandbox where users can help the NGOs, complete some missions and get awesome rewards. More information about the game is available at:- https://www.globalcaretoken.org/play-to-earn

Apart from this, they have many amazing features such as OVR Metaverse Insertion (Promotion and Advertising in the OVR world, Solidarity NFTs, Global Care Merchandising Shop (Coming Soon), Direct and Private Staking, Acquisition of Land and Lots for the creation of forests and parks. Tons of influencers talk about them including Crypto Wolf, Universo Altercoins, Golden Picks and many more etc. Their team plans to grow at a rapid pace in the foreseeable future.

Also, they have a beautiful roadmap and plans for their upcoming developments. Some of them include Merchandising Launch, Development of the GlobalSwap Solidarity Exchange, Marketing and Promos in crypto world magazines. Developments and launch of newer "play to earn games" more easily accessible to the public. Direct and in-person collaborations with NGOs, Collaborating with many other crypto projects as well.

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