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About POODL Exchange Token ($PET):-

POODL exchange is a next-generation web3-based revolutionary project that aims to provide a unique solution to the challenges faced by traders and investors in the crypto space. POODL exchange has a powerful set of algorithms that span multiple blockchains and every major liquidity pool on that chain, providing the best price and trade experience to the buyer/seller on that chain. With POODL exchange, users need not to check across multiple DEXs to get the best deals, nor do they have to worry about checking the right contract in the exchange or whether the project's team is KYC verified, or if the smart contract is audited or not. POODL exchange simplifies the entire process and provides its users the best, most efficient and highly secure trading experience.

POODL exchange offers the best and up-to-date price available on any exchange which makes it unique in the entire crypto space. The project also offers its native dividend-paying token ($PET) which enables it to pay dividends to all its holders based on their holdings, irrespective of which coin or token is swapped or traded on their exchange. Hence, giving a source of passive income to the token holders.

The POODL team takes the safety and security of their users as a top priority. Hence the projects willing to be listed on their exchange will have to go through a selection procedure to ensure the project meets their criteria, which consists of two key factors:- KYC identification / Doxxed team, contract audit from a reputed firm (For Safety) and Secondly the project must offer something unique to the users, as the POODL team prefers innovation. This will ensure safety, transparency and efficiency for the users. The team is also working to offer Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat conversion across multiple countries to even make the crypto adoption more user-friendly and in a highly efficient way.

As of now, the team is working quite hard focusing on developing unique products as well as on marketing for global reach. Their roadmap shows a very bright future ahead for them. Some of their upcoming plans include building a cutting-edge, vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, integrating more and more blockchain networks on their platform to provide users even more opportunities in this exciting world of decentralized finance, integrating AI and Metaverse in their exchange to revolutionize the way people interact with crypto and more. More information about their plans can be found in their whitepaper available at:- https://pet-poodl.gitbook.io/pet-ecosystem/whitepaper/abstract

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